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Keeping Me Up At Night

Wednesday, July 1, 2009
Has anyone ever had heartburn so bad that it wakes them up at night?

This is what I have been experiencing over the week. My heartburn has gotten unbearable! If anyone has any tips, besides the tip of cutting out all spicy food (I am in denial on this one and for sure could never give it up).

What I am going to say now may make me sound super lazy but...when I did wake up with the heartburn so bad that I couldn't fall back asleep, I was too lazy to get up and go downstairs to get Tums. Plus, I have a fear that once I get up I probably won't go back to sleep anyways, this happens to me a lot!

What types of food seem to give me heartburn, well lets put a quick list together:
-fruit (strawberries, melon, peaches, etc.)
-hamburgers (yum)
-tomatoes (should this be in the fruit category)
-basically every lunch and especially every dinner I eat
-when I don't eat because I am busy and start to get hungry, the hunger feeling now comes with a side of heartburn

Some people say that their heartburn gets worse when they lay down. Not me, I am lucky enough to have the type of heartburn that is not affected by gravity and equally affects me whether I am standing, laying, sitting, or propped up part way.

Now though, the Tums are on my bedside table which is much better. Go figure, last night I didn't wake up at all from heartburn. Maybe because even without taking them I was being watched over by the Tums fairy, or maybe I was just so tired there was no way anything was going to wake me!

At least my calcium levels will be good and high, no osteoporosis for me! We'll just have to add this to my short list of sufferings to badger the baby with when she gets older!

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