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It's official, I've now lost my mind!

Friday, July 17, 2009
Yesterday I jumped in the car and drove over to the park and ride to go to work. On arrival I realized I did not bring my purse which meant no bus pass, no money, no nothing. I did have my phone. I wasn't even able to just drive in to work from there because I would have no way of paying for the ramp fee, plus I desperately needed gas!
My options were to:

#1: Drive back home (20 min.) grab my purse, get gas, drive to Minneapolis, and pay for a full day of parking with no early bird rate (between 12-20 dollars).
#2: Work from home.

I contacted my boss to see if it would be okay to work from home and instead she just told me to take the day off. Pretty awesome huh? I'm sure it didn't hurt that I also told her I thought I pulled my groin muscle the night before walking (now I am pretty sure it is just pain from the baby's head and body pushing lower, and lower, and lower, and lower...).

So what to do on a day off, relax, of course! While relaxing yesterday I laid sod in the yard, went to lunch with my mom, cleaned, and went to Target. So much for relaxing, but it was still nice to have the day off!

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