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Baby School Dropouts

Monday, July 20, 2009
My husband and I are baby school dropouts.

We had baby class scheduled for last Friday from 6:30 - 9:30pm and on Saturday from 9:30 - 4:00pm at United (where I'll be having the baby). We went to the first night where they told us all about the labor and what to expect and all that stuff. After painfully sitting through that info (not because it was too scary, but because it was so boring since we had already read all about it and heard about it from friends who have recently had babies) we decided not to come back for the Saturday all-day class.

I think that we are both extremely happy with our decision as we got tons done on Saturday, including a lunch trip to Key's Cafe where I had some of the best meatloaf ever!

The only thing that we missed on Saturday that we would still like to do is the birth center tour. Fortunately they give those quite a bit and for free, so we are planning on going to do that soon.

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Ronell said...

Nate and I felt the same way! Bored! We pretty much made a big joke out of it and laughed and laughed the whole time! Everything is different when you are actually in there doing it. So good choice.

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