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Getting Everything Ready

Monday, July 27, 2009
This weekend John and I worked our butts off getting everything ready for the baby. In our minds if we do this and have the house clean with everything ready for an impromptu early birth, then chances are the baby will go full-term. Usually this is how things work out for me, when I am ready for the worst it never happens, but when I am not it sometimes does.

Not that having the baby now would be the worst. We understand that the longer the baby goes to term, the better, but we are both really excited to meet her.

Seeing her play with her toes through the ultrasound on Thursday really got John read for her to come and definitely lifted his excitement levels.

The only things that may not be ready are the dogs and cats, as I am sure they will all go through some sort of withdrawal from lack of attention once she comes. Oh well, they'll just have to get over it! : )

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