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Memorial Day Weekend: Monday

Sunday, June 6, 2010
On Monday of Memorial Day weekend we packed up five of the seven mammals that live in our house (we left the cats at home) and headed over to John's brother and sister in law's house to hang out for the day.
Here is Kate, after her nap, boy was that a tough one trying to get her to go down when she could still hear all of us outside!
This is Cole, Kate's cousin, and Kate. I'm not sure why she is so upset, but you can tell how excited he was to hold her, what a good cousin!

Kate...so big!

Cole and Alex, being cheeseballs!

We jumped on the trampoline, here is Alex showing me his tricks...doesn't he look like a dolphin in this picture?

And here is Cole's trick, looks pretty cool doesn't it?!?

Alex wanted me to take a picture of him on the stairs.

John, waving the flag. He might be just a tad too big for this playset, what do you think?

We swung on the swings, well they did, I don't think I would fit.

Cole and Alex even showed us how they love to swing on their tire swing...

Again, John might be just a tad too big for this one too! : )

Cole and Alex love animals, especially our beagles Nora and Puller. We still can't figure out how Nora was able to still long enough for this picture!

They even brought out the slip and slide. Though Kate didn't slip or slide, she played in the water at the end when the boys were done. That was enough for her, she loves water just as much as they do!

Another great day, full of fun with family (though you didn't see most of them in these pictures). I had a blast playing with Cole and Alex, and I probably burned a million calories, those boys just don't stop moving.
Can't wait for the next time!