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Week 33

Friday, July 10, 2009

It is week 33 and we have potentially 5-9 weeks left of waiting before the baby comes. I can't believe how soon she will be here, but do need more time to get everything ready.
I just started another class this week as well which is not over until August 7. I had a little talk with my belly and told the baby that they can come any time after August 8th. I guess we will have to see how well behaved this baby is going to be. : )

Week 33 is the beginning of the 8th month which spans from week 33 to week 36. At the end of this month the baby will be considered "full term" in the medical world and the doctor usually gives a green light for labor any time after that point. But again, I am going to cross my fingers that she waits until after August 8th! This month she is about the size of a cantaloupe, which just happens to be one of my most craved fruits to eat during this pregnancy, right up there with Strawberries.
This week it is normal for a lot of women to get "third-trimester insomnia". This is caused by bathroom trips, leg cramps, heartburn, and a big belly. I have had a couple issues with the heartburn but other than that I am sleeping quite well, thank goodness! The baby is gaining about a half a pound a week of weight and could possibly grow another full inch this week.
Because she is getting bigger, the baby has maxed out the available room and amniotic fluid level which means I can feel her movements even stronger. At times, depending on where she decides to poke (my bladder for example) it can get pretty uncomfortable. When this happens I shift around or jump a little or do a skip thing, it usually takes care of it. Either it gives her a hint that she is quickly catching on to or else it just moves her around so she is aiming at a more acceptable punching bag location.

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