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I swear that I would never...

Monday, July 13, 2009
There is a list at www.thebump.com of things mothers swore they would never do before they had children. I have a feeling after reading these that I will have to take back a couple of the ones that I have uttered over the years!

"I swore I wouldn't..."
  • "...smell the baby's/child's butt in the middle of public and exclaim, 'Did you poop? I think you pooped!'"
  • "...bribe my kid with food, but sometimes Puffs go a long way to making a happy home."
  • "...become a short-order cook. Our son was going to eat what we ate, or he wouldn't eat at all."
  • "...give our kid a pacifier...he ended up getting one while he was still in the hospital."
  • "...let him have animal crackers for supper!"
  • "...dress my kids in matching outfits."
  • "...let them sleep in our bed."

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