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"Not Me" Monday

Monday, April 26, 2010

This week I did not put off working out until the very last minute, which means I of course do not have to work out at the gym every day until the end of the month to get my required days for our company discount. No way would I be that lazy!

I hope to not have a sassy child, which is why I for surely did not laugh after my daughter started grunting a sass back after being told no this weekend. And now this is what I have gotten myself into:

Kate reaches for her dish of baby food. I tell her, "Kate no" and move her hand away. She looks up at me "Grugh!". Lovely, yes?

Finally my entire family did not find it completely hilarious when Kate made up her own sign this weekend. Picture a flat open palm and then pound your fist into it once, hard. We're not sure what it means but we're pretty sure it isn't good! Is it funnier that she did it to Grandma first?!? : )


Friday, April 23, 2010
Kate is an immobile baby, which is something that we as parents are completely fine with.

She is perfectly content to sit and play with what is in front of her, which is awesome because it makes it a lot easier to keep her entertained!

Yesterday John found out about something that was happening at daycare that is not helping to entice her to become a mobile baby.

When Kate is at J's house for daycare and she gets bored with the toy or toys that she is currently playing with, she will do a shortened version of her pterodactyl scream (it almost sounds like a little bark, wonder where she is imitating that from--beagles). When the other kids hear this, they will actually stop what they are doing or playing with get up, grab another toy, and bring it over for Kate to play with.

She basically has them trained!

What a little stinker! : )

Biting Crackers

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Kate loves to eat crackers!

Usually she grabs a hold of one and it heads straight into her mouth for a good bit of slobbery mush-making.

Yesterday she showed me a new talent that she has, she can now bite the crackers.

She puts the cracker in her mouth, chews her gums a couple of times, and ta da there is a mouth shaped bite out of the cracker.

Making this activity easier for her is her new little tooth that has emerged, again, from her bottom gum.

Maybe this will make her cracker eating antics less mess? Boy would that make the beagles sad! : )

Just For Fun

Monday, April 19, 2010
If you want to, go to Parents.com to vote for Kate's picture!

Not Me Monday!

Our child never has a messy face, well she does, but it doesn't last long. That wouldn't be because we let our dogs, with their icky dog breath, clean her off. We always wipe her with a towel, not a dog tongue, of course!

I didn't do a new work out one day last week and neglect to do it again for the remainder of the week because I was so sore. I would never be that out of shape, would I? I would also never create a mantra that went a little like this: "Please don't poop your diaper." while running at the gym (who wants their kid to cause them to stop mid-workout, our gym childcare doesn't change diapers).

Finally I never would chase after my parents' dog, we were dog-sitting, down my street only to have her poop in someone else's yard. That would never happen! I also wouldn't walk all the way down the street with our pooper scooper in hand instead of a easy to conceal bag. Oh and this would never be done in sweats, with bed-head, and no makeup. (My poor neighbors!)

By the way, I would never create a "Not Me Monday" that centered around #2, no way, not me! : )

Eight Months Old!

Thursday, April 15, 2010
Kate turned eight months old today! I have heard people say that now is the time that babies go through the most physical ability changes that it is pretty amazing, and I would have to agree.

She loves to eat her solid food. Some of the newer things she has been eating are toast, cheese, eggs, Gerber snacks, turkey, and chicken. She has mastered the art of drinking out of the sippy cup, but would still rather have someone else hold it for her. When we give the cup to her to see if she will drink on her own, it magically transforms from a cup to a toy!

Her pack and play got transformed as we moved the level down to the bottom. She now gets to take her daytime naps with all of her "friends". Here she was sitting up and playing with them and then somehow ended up laying amongst them all.

This is the look she gives us when we interrupt her. She was obviously enjoying her time laying with all these stuffed animals she has grown to love!

For Easter we got to spend time with a lot of family. Kate of course was the coolest one there in her shades that she got from her Grandma!

She even got to play with toys that her cousins had played with when they were babies, new toys are always fun!

One of her favorite things is to sit up and play with her piano. She likes to get the music going and then will wiggle and clap her hands to it. We have found that she also likes the same music that we do through her wiggling, hand-clapping, and kind of singing when we play it. I am sure that this will change as she gets older, which is fine as long as she isn't in to Hannah Montana!

Basically we are having a blast, and it seems like she is too. She continues to find both the dogs and our cat Madeline very funny. Each morning when I take her out of her crib the first thing she does is look down for Madeline. You should see the smile she gets when she first spots her, it is blinding!
We are looking forward to teeth and introducing her to a whole new range of foods. The little tip of tooth that was sticking out a week ago decided to sneak right back into her gums. We are excited for the day that her teeth grow out enough to stay out, I bet she'll be even more adorable then!

Just a Little Peek (Peak)

Friday, April 9, 2010
Kate's first tooth has decided to give us all a little peek and come out of her (sadly swollen) gums to say hello.

Or is that da da da da da da?

No wait, that would be Kate herself making those noises. Of course I should have expected her to start her babbling by transitioning from "the scream" to "da da da da da da" and not "ma ma ma ma ma ma".

She did cry at daycare the other day when she saw I was there to pick her up. : )

What a daddy's girl!!!

You Must Call Me Master

Since last Tuesday I have requested that John call me, instead of Emily, Master.

Ha ha, just kidding.

Why that? Why that specific day?

Well it is probably because on Monday I officially finished my MBA!


I started working on my MBA in January of 2008. It usually takes people two years to complete this type of degree program, but hey, I got married and had a baby during the process...give me a break! : )

(Now that that's done, on to my next challenge!!! CPA!!!)

Need A Great Photographer?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010
My friend Sarah, who took some pretty amazing pictures of Kate, has put together some of her work on a new blog.

Here are some cute ones of the last time we got together (did I tell you how awesome it is to have a friend who can take photos like these?!?).

You can look at her more of her work here:

Sarah Belle Photos

She comes very highly recommended by Kate, and her mom of course!

Send her an email or post on her blog if you are interested in getting some more information from her.

Holiday Weekends

Saturday, April 3, 2010
Holiday weekends bring new people to my neighborhood, and of course bring my neighbors to other people's neighborhoods.

New people mean of course new routines and activities.

By this I of course mean the man that is jump roping in the street at the end of my neighbors' driveway. Strange, since it is in the street and it is dark out, but true. I guess that there is not a good place inside for him to get his jump roping done for the day.

Are there any weird things you have seen in your neighborhood over holiday weekends?

Kate's Busy Grandpa

Thursday, April 1, 2010
It's fire season!

Kate's Grandpa has been all over the news since yesterday, check it out!

(I promise that this isn't an April fool's joke!)