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Doctor's Appointment

Tuesday, July 7, 2009
I had my second bi-monthly appointment this morning. It wasn't until 9am this time which gave me a little more time to hang out at home before heading out, which was really nice!

Because my doctor is on vacation I had to make this appointment with a different doctor at the practice. This was fine with me as I know that when I do deliver this baby, my doctor may not be on call or available. If that happens one of the other three doctors in the practice will be delivering the baby. It is nice to get to know another one of them, and now I will have a 50/50 chance of knowing my delivery room doctor.

The doctor I had today was great. She was just as nice and friendly as my regular doctor, but a little more outspoken. I feel kind of guilty about this, but I may just like her a tad bit more than my regular doctor.

My blood pressure is still going down, and since it wasn't bad to begin with that just means the doctor/nurse looks at it and says "Wow, that is really good!". The baby and uterus are measuring right on track at 32 weeks and the baby's heartrate was between 140-150 which is also good. I also asked the doctor today to show me how to find the baby's head in comparison to her butt. Her head is down, lower every day I swear, so hopefully she doesn't decide to flip back around before she comes out.

I also related a story to the doc about John's co-worker's wife who had a 12 pound baby. Her exact words were, "Well there's no way you are going to be having a twelve pound baby, you would be much bigger by this point." Those may have been some of the sweetest and most encouraging words ever spoken to me, and definitely gave me some courage to take on the next two months!

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Ronell said...

Just wait until these appointments end. It's weird not going to the doctor as much. And it's weird when they throw you aside and focus more on your little bundle! It's good though. Good luck the rest of the way. When is the due date? Emily's 26th birthday?

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