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Wednesday, July 8, 2009
John and I are on the hunt for the world's best daycare provider. There are a few guidelines that we have decided were necessary to put into place prior to our search to help and make it successful:
  • The daycare must be located inside the Hugo city limits. If we continue to live in Hugo we want our kids to go to daycare with other kids that they will eventually be going to school with.
  • The daycare provider must accept breast milk. Some places do not allow you to bring pre-pumped milk and it is important to us that this is an option.
  • The daycare provider must be licensed. You would be surprised how many "strangers" are out there providing daycare services without licenses.
  • The daycare must accept both part-time and full-time kids. To start out we have decided to ask John's mom, Darlene, to watch the baby two out of three days of the week. This significantly cuts down on expenses and is a great help to us.
  • The daycare center/home must look like it is lived/played in. It would be great to walk into a pristine and spotless home but I would wonder if kids were ever allowed to play there. Plus if this baby takes after either of its parents it will for sure break and/or mark up a lot of stuff in its lifetime, and then we would feel guilty.
  • The daycare center/home must have a fenced in back yard.
  • The daycare provider must be "normal". By this I mean that we both have to feel comfortable with that person. Chances are we are going to be building quite the relationship with this person and I know that we will both feel better about leaving our child in their care if their personality and values match with ours.

That being stated, we have been to two places. One was a center (mucho dinero) and another was a home daycare. The home daycare is at the top of our list at this point due to many great factors including the one that all of the children she currently watches have been with her since they were babies, oh and she is a major twins fan (that definitely doesn't hurt in John's book). We have another appointment on Thursday at another home daycare and then we have some time to make our final decision, there are some other providers as well that we may look into.

Wish us luck!

2 comments to Daycare:

Kristen said...

Sounds like a blast!! I would like to volunteer to watch her Mondays every other week! But we will see how that goes...so no guarantees!

Ronell said...

It is so great that you are starting early! This is probably one of the main reasons that I didn't end up going back to work. We didn't look for daycare right away, so maybe I always knew that I wanted to stay home with Cooper. After that first summer the thought of putting Cooper in daycare was a major NO NO! I just couldn't. But now that he's older, I wish we had put him in a least a little bit so it would be easier for me to leave him now... It's a tough thing.

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