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Messy Wall

Sunday, February 28, 2010
While Kate was sick she picked a morning, while I was trying my best to get out of the door and get to work, to redecorate the walls.

You would think that this type of issue would only happen with a little boy, or even with children who are old enough to hold markers or crayons...but nope our resourceful daughter found a way to do it as well.

As she was laying down on her changing pad and was unfortunately between diapers, she coughed. This wouldn't be an issue, except that she also had diarrhea.

I was in shock and watched "it" spray on the wall, on Kate, on the basket holding all of her diapering supplies, on her diapering supplies, and start to drip down the wall behind her dresser.


I cleaned her up, carried her into the bathroom and woke John up to help me out.

After more coughing and "it" in the bath tub as well as on the carpet, her butt was finally covered and we were out of harms way.

That didn't stop her from needing a new pair of pants half way through the day as well.

What a mess!

The Plague

Friday, February 26, 2010
It has been quite a long time since my last post, but I have a good excuse...the bubonic plague has swept through our family and our house.

Okay, not really the bubonic plague, but probably the worst cold any of the three of us has gotten for a really long time, like years (or ever in Kate's case).

Thankfully it is almost completely gone and only is evident by my/Kate's/John's lingering phlegm coughs as well as Kate's daily medicine.

Last Wednesday is when it really started to hit me, and by Friday I could barely breathe without coughing up a lung. Soon this spread to Kate who was coughing (surprisingly sounding a lot like me even though she is so much smaller), full of snot, and had a fever.

Kate sitting in her Bumbo while I worked from home, this was the day before the night we brought her into the ER. Though she was sick, she was always smiling!

We ended up heading to the emergency room on Monday night with Kate and found out that she actually had an ear infection, hence the daily medication mentioned above. The reason that we went was because she was having trouble breathing, which was only due to the large amount of crud in her lungs from the cold.

Kate relaxing in her chair, unless she was sleeping this is as relaxed as she would get, the stinker.

So after having everyone in the family miss either work, daycare, or family events we are all finally on the mend.

Our house has been cleaned, which I swear is helping us to feel better. There is nothing like killing all of those cold germs with a little bit (a lot) of bleach!

Winter Olympics

Wednesday, February 17, 2010
John is a huge fan of the Olympics, especially the Winter Olympics!
He has been gearing up for this week filled period of winter sports madness. To help explain how much he loves to watch them, they are on at our house basically from start to finish. Last night, he was even torn, in a dramatic way, because his favorite show Lost was going to be on at the same time as the Olympics.

Whew, well we made it through that crisis. : ) Thank goodness! Lost won out, but I bet he is kicking himself today since I hear there were some falls during the skiing last night that I bet he missed.

Anyways, he remembers watching the Olympics with his mother growing up. She is as equally thrilled with them as he is.

And what does a guy, who grew up with the tradition of watching the Olympics do when he becomes a daddy?

He shares that tradition with her of course. It looks like she is enjoying herself doesn't it? (He looks like he would be enjoying himself more if I took the camera out of his face!)

Kate's First Valentine

Tuesday, February 16, 2010
Kate received her very first valentine from a boy on Friday. Should we be nervous?

Ha ha, just kidding.
One of the little boys at daycare, Luke, brought valentines for all of the kids there (now why didn't I think to do that)?

Just like most girls, when receiving gifts from boys, Kate was smitten. No, not with the boy, but with the valentine instead!

She has played with this valentine all weekend, it is starting to get a little ratty. But she sure does love it!

Who Needs a New Bag?!?

Friday, February 12, 2010
Anyone need a new camera/diaper/whatever bag?

Head on over to MckMama's blog to sign up for her giveaway!

Good Luck!

A New Fan

Thursday, February 11, 2010
It's not uncommon for people to gravitate towards a baby. Even before I had a baby of my own I would be automatically drawn towards others that were carting them around, if not to talk to the person, just to sneak a quick peek at the baby all cute and cuddly.

Kate, just like all the other babies in the world, is right on track in this category. Lately she has even been smiling at strangers which really surprises me and of course delights them.

Just last night when we went to the gym she charmed another onlooker (ie. worker) and added her to her ever expanding posse of fans. When I went to pick up Kate from the childcare center at the gym, there was one worker (who I later learned only has little boys) who was really disappointed to see her go.

As I was walking in I noticed her sitting down with Kate on some mats with a book, ready to sit with her and read a story. How cute is that!?! I let her know that we would be back the next day, and she was pretty excited since she would be working. Hopefully Kate does just as well.

A little end note: I never expected the childcare at the gym to be so attentive to the kids. We go to the YMCA and the staff there is amazing! The fact that one of the caregivers was going to read Kate a story and give her attention like that really solidified why we chose this gym.

(P.S. Heidi - we had to switch from Snap to the YMCA for the child care option...don't be mad!)

Talk About Self-Sufficient

Tuesday, February 9, 2010
John and I were lucky with Kate and thankfully continue to be. Now that statement could apply to everything about her, but this time I am actually talking about how our little girl has been a really good sleeper from the get go.

Every night she gets her PJ's on, has a bottle, and then we put her to bed in her crib. She is out like a light as soon as we turn on her little music machine hanging on her crib and shut the door.

On Monday morning though when she woke up I guess that she decided she would rather just go back to sleep...

...so she turned on her music machine all by herself!

I heard the faint music playing through the baby monitor and peeked in to see her moved over to the side of the crib next to the music machine with both of her hands up touching the machine where the on button is.

Pretty soon now she won't even need us anymore!


Friday, February 5, 2010
About a month ago Kate got to go swimming for the first time. At no surprise to John and myself, she loved it. Here's a short video of her letting us know how much she liked it, and then telling mom to turn off the camera!

And here is a video that I have been trying to find the time to upload for a while now. Kate has learned how to role from her tummy to her back, but often forgets that she knows this trick. So here is proof that she does know how to do it!

A Letter

Tuesday, February 2, 2010
Dear Black Audi Driver,

I want to begin by apologizing for not driving as close as possible to the car's bumper in front of me on the way home, Monday night. On second thought, this may have caused a prime opportunity for you, which of course you realized as you whipped over to the right lane skipped ahead of me and squeezed yourself back over. If my caution awarded you a quicker trip home, as you were obviously in a hurry, I will have to say you are welcome.

When we reached 694 I thought that I was going to lose you as you quickly moved over to the lane on the right of us. I was afraid that I had lost my drive home entertainment.

Alas, I was pleasantly surprised, as I am sure you were not, when instead of changing lanes and taking the exit, you came careening back into the left lane in front of me again. It must be so frustrating to have to change lanes so many times, by the way it was five, only to find that you are not able to get ahead of the other "slow/cautious" cars like you wanted to. I just want to let you know that there is someone out there who understands.

I noticed as the drive progressed up the highway that your hand waving must have been aimed at the car in front of you or maybe even on the side. It seemed to me that neither of those drivers understood the hand signaling language you were using to purvey messages through your vehicle and into theirs. Or if they did, they chose to just ignore it.

This must have frustrated you further as I also noticed your quick jab out with your fist towards the item hanging from your mirror. Too bad this action only resulted in the hanging item falling down and you slamming your fist onto the dashboard.

I can only imagine the dire circumstances that caused you to be in such a hurry to get home last night. As you provided me with an entire drive's worth of roadside entertainment, I felt bad that you were not receiving something of equal value to you in return.

By the way your car is beautiful. It was obviously brand new as you still had the yellow license paper stuck up in the window. It may be wrong of me to assume, but could you have needed to purchase a new vehicle after your driving heroics caused the demise of your old one? I hope not, as you definitely showed me how much you value your property as well as everyone else's around you through your close driving capabilities.

I will end this letter to you with another apology. To you I must apologize, not on my behalf, but on the behalf of the other 30 or so drivers that accompanied us home on Monday night. We collectively apologize that snowy and icy conditions can cause us to travel more cautiously. We also apologize that this cautiousness was not convenient to your schedule and that you were unable to change that for you.

Next time you are out, and are unable to navigate the roads in the quick manner that you crave, remember that more often than not, it is actions like yours on Monday night that will cause increased traffic congestion and in the end will cause your very apparent foul mood.

Good luck on all of your driving adventures in the future. Please do not take this personal, but I hope to never meet you on an icy/snowy road again, and I am pretty sure that the car in front of you would agree.

Best Regards,


P.S. Please let me know if you need a shop reference for your brake replacement, I can only imagine after such increased use as Monday night that they will need to be changed very soon.