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Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Is This Considered Child Abuse?

Monday, October 26, 2009
Kate's grandma (my mom) came up with a great idea to carve a really large pumpkin and place Kate in it for some cute pictures. Well, Kate did not think it was such a great idea!

Bath Time Mishap

Friday, October 23, 2009
Last night when John was giving Kate her bath, he kept telling Kate, "You are splashing so much that you are going to get me soaked!"

After about 10 minutes of playing and splashing it was time to rinse her off (i.e. warm up the water). John reached over to turn on the water and instead of only turning on the spout, he accidentally turned on the shower!

I guess that Kate didn't have to worry about getting her dad too wet since he already did it on his own!

A New Way to Eat

Thursday, October 22, 2009
Kate has created a new way to eat. Instead of just sucking on her bottle during feedings, she now uses the "soon to be patented" suck, chew, and tongue method.

She starts out her feeding by sucking on the bottle, as does every good baby. Then part way through, usually a couple of times, she brings out her new method. She will stop sucking and start chewing on the bottle instead, next she will push the bottle around in her mouth with her tongue. Eventually she does go back to sucking, but may throw in a couple more rounds of chew and tongue before the feeding is over.

Sometimes she will stop everything all together, look up at me with the bottle still in her mouth, and give me a huge goofy grin. It's almost as if she is saying, "I may be the silliest girl in town, you are supposed to suck your bottle not chew it!"

Does this mean that I am too patient with her while she is eating? I guess it doesn't really matter because it is worth stretching her feedings for a few extra minutes to get that grin out of her! It is a heart melter and usually makes me get a good chuckle.

A Cousin Who Isn't Sure

Wednesday, October 21, 2009
This past weekend on Saturday the Taylor family got together for a round of family pictures. I was lucky enough to find an amazing photographer and have been seriously utilizing her skills over the past two months!

The day was perfect for outside pictures, so we all met over at a local college so that we would have a lot of backdrop options. During one point of the session we had Kate, Cole, and Alex all on a blanket on the ground. (Cole and Alex are John's nephews.) The boys were both hamming it up pretty well, and it was one of the first times that Kate wasn't crying so Emily (the photographer) was snapping away as many shots as she could get.

Finally Emily asked both boys to give Kate a kiss and Cole leaned right in and started kissing away. Alex, who seems to be slightly afraid of Kate, quickly leaned backwards away from the baby. He looked up at Emily as if to say, "Are you crazy, I'm not kissing that thing!" Eventually after some gentle coaxing by all of the adults (and some physical head moving by his dad), Alex had gone back to resting his head by Kate again.

I think he is just waiting for her to impress him before he makes his final decision of whether to keep her or not. Just wait, I'm sure some day she'll drive him crazy!

Two Whole Months

Monday, October 19, 2009

I seriously cannot believe that Kate has been with us now for two months. It is pretty amazing to think back at how much she has changed over that time.

She had her two month wellness checkup at the doctor's office this morning. Daddy had to be the unlucky one to bring her in for a handful of shots. She weighed in at 11 pounds and 15 ounces and is just over 22.5 inches long.

One of the things we have noticed lately besides her significant increase in smiling and "talking", is that she has started figuring out what her hands are. There are times when she is looking at something and she will slowly reach out her hand and hit it or touch it. Besides that the coordination is still pretty low, but it is amazing how far it has come!

She started daycare last Tuesday and seems to be loving it. I am loving it since it is causing her to sleep through the night. She loves to sit and try to stay awake all day just to see what the other kids are doing. John and I think that she gets pretty spoiled there all day!

Bath time is becoming a longer process, not a bad one though. She loves to sit in the water and has just recently learned how to splash with both her legs and arms at the same time. There was one bath where she was having so much fun that the water got cool and had to be refreshed. What a lucky girl!

Kate's Second Month in Pictures

Thursday, October 15, 2009
We can't believe our baby is allreadt two months old! Here is a picture montage of her second month...
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Kate on the Prowl

Friday, October 2, 2009
Yesterday morning I brought miss Kate to the gym with me to work out. Wouldn't you know it, she spent the entire time flirting with the men that were there. She even tried to pick up the club's trainer!

We may have our hands full!