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What do you do?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009
What do you do when you get home from work? I usually reach right into the car seat that holds my little pumpkin, loosen and unstrap all of her multiple harnesses, and pull her up for a good snuggle and squeeze.

As you know we have recently switched over to full-time formula. There were a few bags of breast milk left, lonely in the freezer. We decided it would be easiest to send them with her to day care until they were gone. I may have changed my mind about that now...

Every day that Kate consumes the frozen breast milk, she spits up more. Before I thought that breast milk stunk less than formula, but that was not bringing into mention "frozen" breast milk. All I can even think about when I cuddle her close, as her neck and sometimes clothes reek of stinky milk, is how fast I can get her upstairs into a bath while holding my breath!

Yesterday when I picked her up, there was not much smell to be smelled. Testing my good fortune I brought Kate upstairs and began to play with some new (from Christmas) toys with her.

While changing her diaper the first bit of spit up decided to arrive...and let me tell you, even one small drop is enough to stop my nose in its tracks!

After outfit change #1 we sat on the floor to play. Not long after our sitting up escapades had begun, the river of spit up began to flow again.

No problem, I thought. While on the floor I quick whipped her out of outfit #1 and into outfit #3. A couple of swipes with a wipe later and we were good to go again.

Of course, after a flow that large there couldn't possibly be any more to come up...right? Wrong!

The river of spit up overflowed again, now onto the third outfit of Kate's day.

That was it, I decided that at this point a bath was eminent. Instead of tarnishing another outfit before bath time Kate and I continued our playing with her only in her diaper. Have I told you how much my kid loves being naked now?

Later that night John commented on how much laundry that Kate had...little did he know how it all got there!

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