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Four Months

Wednesday, December 16, 2009
Our little pumpkin turned four months old yesterday!

This month has brought us some of the biggest changes so far for Kate.

She is weighing in at 14.5 pounds and is 24.75 inches long. This moves her from the 50th percentile in height and weight to the 75th percentile. We knew all that sleeping and eating was good for something...growing!

She is fitting into 3-6 month clothes now, in length anyways. The arms on all of her shirts are too long and the shirts themselves are way too wide. We may have a tall little girl on our hands...wonder where she got that from (in case you didn't know already, John and I are the tallest siblings by at least a head in both of our families)?

She has finally mastered the art of sitting in her Bumbo and loves to watch either myself or John make dinner, we like to call her our little sous chef!

Besides sitting in her Bumbo she loves to sit on peoples laps and has recently started whining unless you support her standing on your lap! The other day I propped her at an angle on our big chair and she pulled herself all the way into the sitting position...looks like we may have to start keeping a closer eye on her!

One of her favorite tricks besides sticking her tongue out at Grandma is to reach into her mouth and grab ahold of her tongue, it is quite a site when she smiles, sticks her tongue out, and still has ahold of it!

She is eating cereal every night for dinner and has recently started eating peas with that cereal. I think she is really enjoying eating food because yesterday when being held she went for a fry that her holder, Sue, was going to eat. After she realized that it wasn't going into her mouth she started to wail. I don't know how to explain to her that she is not ready for that solid of foods yet (if she is anything like her two cousins those fries will end up being only a way to get ketchup and ranch into her mouth)!

Talking has become one of her favorite past times. She talks to the dogs, cats, herself in the mirror, her hand, other people, the closet, the hanging toys, etc. Again, not too sure where she gets that from either! : )

With all of the new things she is learning each day I know that it will only get more exciting, probably both for her and for us. We can't wait!

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