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Not Me Monday

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Have you ever done something, seen something, said something, or even heard something that caused you to stop and think, am I really doing this.

Or have you ever stopped after actually doing/saying something and thought to yourself, did I really just do/say that?

If so, MckMama has created a way for us to voice these crazy happenings. So if you do not have any to share, at least check out the "not me" Monday postings on others blogs, they will make you feel better about your own "not me" moments!
This week...
...it was not me who woke up at 3:15am and stayed up just so that I could take a longer shower in the morning, imagine the water bill this month!
...it couldn't have been me who ate dessert for breakfast three days in a row...and still counting!
...i never would have given my daughter a bath as soon as I got home because no matter how cute she is it is hard to snuggle with a stinky-milk-necked baby!
...and finally I never would have reached into my pocket to grab my keys while walking towards my car, thinking of what to make for dinner, humming a song in my head, and talking on the phone and not notice that the pink nuk in my hands will not unlock the door after all!

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