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Thursday, December 10, 2009
My grandma hated vegetables...

My mom hates peas...

Kate loves them!

We started Kate on cereal about two weeks ago. Our little girl decided that even after eating gallons of breast milk and formula, that she should start waking up at night crying for more food.

The cereal transition has gone over seamlessly, we were both really surprised at her innate ability to eat from a spoon (a little tip for those who haven't had this experience yet, the thicker it is the easier it is for them to eat.)

So last night, just for kicks we decided to add some peas in with her cereal. John mixed in half a container (thanks mom for the shower game/food gift) and set her up to chow down.

After her first taste, she screwed up her face and kind of looked at John like "what are you feeding me now?" At that point I think we both thought we were embarking on an uphill battle.

**Side Note**
One of my biggest fears is to have kids that are afraid to eat anything except pizza and hot dogs (though John and I like those things, they get old really fast!).

John and I would not be deterred, our Kate was going to like peas and vegetables if we had to force feed them to her until she succumbed!

Thankfully that type of behavior was not necessary since after a couple more bites she was practically begging for more. And by begging I mean short little whimperings that soon turn into large wails if the spoon does not hit her mouth with food in it!

So my baby likes peas, is it weird that something this small feels like an accomplishment to me?

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