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A Secret Love Affair

Friday, January 1, 2010
**Warning** The following post may be too graphic for some readers...

Ha ha, just kidding.

I would like to share though, my secret love affair with a certain fast food restaurant. Some of my friends and family may know exactly which restaurant I am talking about, but most others will not.

If you do not, please do not feel offended that I haven't shared this most important secret with you, I only told those who do know on a need-to-know basis!

The first time I ever had food from this fast food restaurant, we'll call it X for now, was the day after I had my wisdom teeth out. (There are rumors that when we were younger my grandma would take us there sometimes, though all I remember is going to the Old Country Buffet with her!) Due to the food's softer consistency, and my strange lack of major pain (until a green bean got stuck back in there three days later), it was a perfect fit.

Boy was I glad that I had those wisdom teeth out! Without that experience I would never have had the need to eat softer food, and would probably have never had that most wonderful experience.

I carried this growing love for X into college, where one night during my freshman year my car actually broke down in the drive through. That was it, I needed help. That meant I had to start letting some people know that I actually at there! Thankfully I was able to dig through my mental list of friends to find a few that liked it as well, and would not ridicule me for my choices.

Though one roommate did find out about that night, and loved to bring it up to me with a huge grin on her face! I say that she didn't know what she was missing!

Through college we often would stop at X after a night of drinking to stabilize our stomachs. Eating at X was an okay standard to do after drinking and no one was ashamed of doing it then. The difference with my feelings for X is that I loved it even without the excuse of alcohol. But did I ever let anyone know, of course not!

My husband, John, also likes X. He does know how much I love X, but he cannot eat it like he could when we were younger (for reasons I will be happy to not share here).

When I got pregnant I thought, "This is the perfect excuse to eat at X all the time, and I can just blame it on cravings!"

That did not work as well as I thought. The first time I went to X after being pregnant it tasted to me like fish. My heart was broken...nine whole months with no food from X. And would this awful taste mind trick ever go away, what if after I had the baby it would still taste fishy to me? (I later learned that all dill pickles had that flavor for me during that time).

Kate is now four-and-a-half months old and I still have not tried it again.

Today I was on my own for lunch, and was thinking to myself what I should have...a Lean Cuisine or a salad of course! Did that happen? Of course not!

So I jumped in my car and headed for X. It had been too long, and I needed to prove to myself that my love for it was still there. The anticipation of my reconnection with X increased the weight of my foot on the gas pedal, which quickly made me realize that I was almost out of gas.

No worries, just a slight detour at the gas station and I was back on my way.

Finally I got to X, and ordered what I wanted from the drive through (of course I am too embarrassed to actually get out of the car and go in to get my food). Back on the road I couldn't wait to break into my meal, and guess what...

...it again was probably one of the best things I have ever eaten, and my life was whole again.

What you ask could be the purveyor of such fine food? Where is this fast food restaurant and what is it's name? Well here's a little hint, a picture of what I ate (but two with cheese):

That is right, my secret is out. I LOVE WHITE CASTLE. Funny as I type this I am almost excited to get my secret out into the world, maybe this will help lower the shame I often feel when eating it...or maybe not.

Ah well, I just hope that I can get Kate to like it just as much. What could be a better bonding experience than a mother-daughter secret trip to White Castle for lunch...I can't think of anything!

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