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Christmas Presents

Wednesday, December 9, 2009
What in the world do you buy for a four month old baby at Christmas?

Our families seem to be picking up the toy department for the holidays, so John and I weren't sure what we should do.

At one point we thought we would just deposit some cash in her savings account, which we might still do.

Then, I had a great idea!

Every little kid needs a suitcase to carry their things to grandma and grandpa's house, don't they?

I found the cutest little suitcase with wheels at Pottery Barn Kids and even was able to get her name embroidered on it. (Picture Kate on it instead of Ella).

I know that Christmas in the first couple of years is more for the adults than for the kids, but I can't help but buy something for her. It is amazing how much fun I get out of shopping for her, which is something she will probably enjoy when she gets older and wants to go to the mall!

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Ronell said...

This is a very cute idea... how much were they? Cooper needs one.

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