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The Great Diaper Debate

Friday, December 18, 2009
If you have had the privilege of parenting, grandparenting, or caring for a child in diapers you will agree with me that the amount of brands and types can be dizzying.

Because we are new parents, and also because we knew that there couldn't be that much of a difference between the premium priced diapers and the value diapers, John and I decided it would be best for us to try out a bunch of brands.

Below are listed the brands that we have tried and what we thought of them. This is only based off of our experience which means that other peoples' experiences may be different since no two kids are exactly alike. In case you happen to have a child that is exactly like Kate, this will help you shop for diapers for her/him.

Pampers Swaddlers (est. $0.23 each): One of the best, but also one of the most expensive. They hold throughout an entire night without leaking, unless there is more than one type of filler (if you know what I mean).

Pampers Baby Dry (est. $0.20 each): We liked these a lot as well, but were pretty much comparable to the Luvs brand if you don't count which type of character design is on the diaper.

Huggies Little Snugglers (est. $0.25 each): By far my favorite diaper! They are comparable to the pampers in their holdability but they have an inside flap in the back of the diaper. Do you know what that flap saves? It saves John and I time, wet wipes, a load of laundry, and most importantly it saves our daughter's back from being covered in you know what! If I have a coupon and these are on sale I will always buy them, but only then.

Huggies Regular (est. $0.24 each): Comparable to the Luvs.

Target Brand (est. $0.13 each): At first we thought that these would be the diapers we would always use. They are by far one of the cheapest and seem to be okay. After using them for a while we realized that we had to change them more often and therefor were not actually saving money.

Luvs (est. $.16 each): These are the diapers that we will probably purchase from now on, on a regular basis (except for the times that we buy Huggies). They seem to be exactly the same as both Pampers and Huggies regular types but are significantly lower in price.

All in all, for a newborn I would purchase the Pampers swaddlers. But after their belly button heals then I would definitely switch on over to the Luvs. When you look back as your child gets older you will be proud of yourself for saving almost half of what you may have paid while purchasing Pampers or Huggies!

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