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Monday, December 7, 2009
We officially know what it is like to have an “over-tired” child.

Kate spent the night at John’s parents’ house on Saturday, and it seems she had so much fun that she forgot to sleep. Darlene said that she slept through the night, but I think that on Saturday night the excitement of being around a bunch of people ready to give her attention caused her to skip her nap.

We got her home on Sunday and I wanted to give her a bath. But when I sat her down on her changing table to start undressing her the tears sprung forward. Even after getting her completely naked (which she usually loves), she continued crying. As I picked her up to carry her into the bathroom she quieted down. Then, halfway through the air towards the tub she started up again.

This was the first bath since she was a newborn that she cried to, let’s just say I made it quick. Finally I was able to get her diapered and dressed, still through more crying. John picked her up and cuddled her close and she started quieting down.

We decided to try a bottle due to the ferociousness in how she attacked her nuk at that point. Six ounces later I had one happy, smiling, and talking baby.

Thankfully, not much longer after that she tuckered out. Whew, not fun! This morning though she was still tired but back to being smiley!

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