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Revving Her Engine

Thursday, December 17, 2009
Yesterday when I got home I had to go through the mail and the large stack of packages outside our door. Kate seems to like the Christmas tree lights quite a bit so I decided to put her in her Bumbo chair in front of the tree.

While I was opening/organizing/tossing I could hear her making noises at the tree. These noises were new and weren't like the "talking" that she has done in the past. The noises were more like a very small car, revving its engine over and over again.

At the time I thought it was pretty funny, and kept on going through what I was working on.

About ten minutes later she started to fuss a little and I was done, so I went over to see what was wrong...

About ten feet from her the pungent aroma hit my nostrils. By the time I made it upstairs with her (it smelled too rank to change her on the pad downstairs) I was practically gagging at the stench!

Ten wipes, an impromptu load of laundry, and a bath later I had one very happy and talkative little girl.

I guess I have learned my lesson...

Revving does not equal cute, it equals mess!

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