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Week 22 and Month Five

Friday, April 24, 2009
During month five, which covers weeks 21-24 the baby grows to about the size of a papaya. Yesterday out at the farmer's market I held up a papaya to my belly in front of some friends. I think we all agreed that it is pretty crazy that the baby is getting that big already!
At this point our baby is able to hear outside noise from inside the womb. I guess that babies find gentle music and parent's voices the most soothing. I wonder what she will think of beagle barking/howling? : )
The baby's nipples are starting to form at this point, hopefully only two (there's no need for a Chandler from Friends repeat here). Her face at this point is also fully formed which is pretty cool!
She is sleeping for about 12 to 14 hours a day and has begun to settle into sleep cycles. I can definitely tell you when her exercise cycle sets in - every night at dinner she starts kicking like she's a little rockette! : )

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