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Baby Showers

Monday, April 13, 2009
I have two friends that are both expecting baby girls in a couple of months. Due to these impending arrivals I also have two baby showers coming up to attend. Today I put together the gifts in the appropriately themed baby gift bags. I just have to comment that I am starting to get used to the pastel baby colors and am getting excited about them, never thought that would happen.

I almost want to jump in the car right now to deliver the gifts because it excites me too much. If John was here right now he would definitely shake his head and tell me to "calm down" or take a pill. : ) Oh well, I guess I will have to wait!

2 comments to Baby Showers:

Kristen said...

Not taking your pill was what got you this way in the first place!! :)

Ronell said...

When are you having baby showers? I want to come!!!! It's fun to buy pink when you know you always have to buy blue or green for a boy! Let me know

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