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Good Ol' Elephant Foot

Wednesday, April 22, 2009
My husband said to our dogs on Sunday night, "watch out, here comes elephant foot!"

I had spend the past three hours sitting up and leaning forward at the kitchen table sewing baby bibs. When I got up to grab a snack and head over to the couch I noticed that the skin on one foot felt extremely tight. My left foot, only, had swollen up to be a ginormous elephant cankle! It was gross and very alarming!

By Monday morning that swelling had gone down but by lunch time was starting back up again. This caused me to make my first nurse call into the clinic. The nurse assured me that this is normal and unfortunately, "would only get worse."

So now I have pushed my chair down so that I am practically sitting on the ground and have confiscated a foot rest from an empty cube in the office. I have also vowed to finally decrease my caffeine intake and up the water intake. Another thing that will supposedly help is to keep moving throughout the day, so that means I need to make a conscious effort to get my butt out of my chair at least every hour and walk around for a couple of minutes.

These things helped yesterday as my ankle/foot only swelled to about half the size as on Sunday and Monday nights, but this morning I can feel it puffing up already. I may have to add another vow due to this...I vow to not wear shorts, capri's, skirts, or any type of clothing that would bare my ankles until this pregnancy is over! It would definitely be a public service that everyone around me would appreciate, but never ask for! : )

P.s. If it is good a swollen tonight I will post a picture...though you probably do not want to see it!

2 comments to Good Ol' Elephant Foot:

Ronell said...

Emily... The very best thing for swelling is SmartWater! I was swelling really bad and someone told me to drink smartwater and it would help! IT DID! I recommend this to everyone! Just try it.

Kristen said...

I do want to see it :) Also...what are you going to do in July and August when it is 80-90 degrees? Wear jeans? I bet you could find some linen pants that don't look too pajama like i suppose...

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