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Baby Room Furniture

Thursday, April 2, 2009
Last night we were all ready to purchase our crib and dresser for the baby's nursery. We found a matching set at Target.com that had great reviews and was very reasonably priced. Once we had both items into our online shopping cart we were shocked at the amount we would be charged for shipping, $250.00. That put a halt to our purchasing, especially since that was a higher cost than either of the two pieces of furniture.

After more research online we were able to find a set that we like even more at JCPenny.com. At JCPenny they let you ship it to one of their store locations for free and then just pick it up. This is definitely the option we have decided on and are very excited about it. I have scavenged over $200 worth of gift cards from my company and luckily enough JCPenny is one of the merchants that I can redeem them for, this definitely eases our furniture financial burden!

We do still have to put the furniture together though, which we have done before, so wish us luck!

2 comments to Baby Room Furniture:

Kristen said...

I like it! Looks good...and will look good in "my" room

Ronell said...

It looks very classic. I think it will look good with either of the bedding options.

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