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Monday, April 6, 2009
This weekend we finally finished painting the main level of our house!

When we first moved into the house it was a new build which was perfect, but the walls were painted with matte finish paint. Unfortunately matte finish cannot be washed. Soon after we moved in we had a housewarming party and adopted two puppies. Though the walls looked great from the get go, they soon were all smudged up.

About a month ago we painted our kitchen, which always takes more time because of all of the taping around the nooks and crannies. On Thursday night though I decided that last weekend was when we would finish the rest. I had already bought the paint, so early on Saturday morning (I always wake up early) I got to work.

By the time that John woke up I had the dining room done and by dinner I had the entire hall done. Before leaving for his fantasy baseball draft John helped me to paint one of the main walls in the living room (we weren't sure if the color was too dark).

Eventually I wore myself out which spurred a White Castle/Taco Bell visit around 9pm (quite a late dinner). Then after lunch with friends on Sunday, John and I worked our butts off and finally finished, clean-up and all by dinner.

It looks great, but now I can't wait to finish the rest of the house!

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