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Week 37

Thursday, August 6, 2009
I had another doctor's appointment today, which of course came with another "lovely" exam. I guess that once you hit 36 you should expect a physical exam each week until the baby comes, oh joy!

During the ultrasound Kate was perfect. She was doing her breathing exercises (moving her diaphragm to build up the muscles to breath, or cry, when she comes out), squirming around (i.e. punching her mother), and hanging out in a sufficient amount of amniotic fluid. She continues to cover up her face whenever the ultrasound tech tries to get a good look. Today she was even rubbing her eyes which was cute. There was a point where the tech said "Oh look, there is her hair on the back of her head", which again makes me nervous for a hairy monkey baby! : )

The NST went without a hitch, her heart rate fluctuated in the 130s and she had a good number of movements in combination with increased heart rate around the 160s.

In the exam I found out that my body is no further along but that she has moved down slightly so that her head is resting at a -3 instead of a -4. Hopefully the added pressure will kick my body into gear. The doctor decided that since everything looked good we should wait another week to see where things are before making a decision on inducing. Now if I could just convince Kate that she would rather come naturally sometime this week that would be best!

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