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Fun Facts About Kate Taylor

Friday, August 21, 2009
  • She likes to sleep on her side. No matter how many times we put her on her back to go to bed she always ends up on her side.
  • She has won the hearts of all four animals in the house, especially our female beagle Nora. Every time that Nora and Puller go outside, the first thing they do when coming back in is peek into her pack n' play or find her wherever she is, almost like they are making sure she is okay.
  • She hates being naked, no matter if it is for changing a diaper, bathing, changing clothes, etc.
  • She already eats about 2.5 ounces for each feeding, though she loves to fall asleep multiple times during the process.
  • She burps like a little trucker, usually right away before you can even get her into burp position.
  • She doesn't seem to mind a wet diaper, but if she is hungry she will sure let you know!
  • She often sleeps with her mouth open.
  • She loves her Nuk already.
  • Her car seat/swing/bouncy chair are all very soothing to her. She can either just sit in them or fall asleep in them easily.
  • She loves to kick off her blankets and socks.
  • When she is laying on you on her belly she can push herself up and hold herself up already for about 10 to 15 seconds.
  • If you let her suck on your finger you will soon discover that she has the jaws of life, with the suction power to match.
  • She gets the hiccups, but doesn't seem to mind.

  • And of course we both think that she is perfect!

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