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John's Volleyball Team

Wednesday, August 12, 2009
Tonight I was able to go and watch John's volleyball team in the playoffs for the first time. We took the dogs with us and I sat at the park with them on their leashes and watched. His team did win the first round but lost to the #1 team in the second round, which means they are done for the season.

It was great to sit and relax outside (in the shade) like that for a while. I swear that my crampy contractions even got better the more that I relaxed. Of course I am sure that is all about to change soon...

1 comments to John's Volleyball Team:

Kristen said...

#1 - good news about the gel...now hopefully I can get my car back today so I can come home tomorrow!!
#2 - good call staying OUT of the sun, that most likely makes things worse I've heard.
#3 - Ashley doesn't have to worry about being mad if Kate comes first anymore, Payton came Wednesday morning!
#4 - Were you really up this late? 945pm? Isn't that like 3 hours PAST your bedtime? =)

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