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A Day of Fun

Monday, August 10, 2009
Today I had one of my bi-weekly bio physicals (ultrasound and NST). The nurse checked my blood pressure while I was there and go figure it had gone back up. At that point it was at 144/88 and after the biophysical it was still at 140/92.

This prompted the doctor to send me on my merry way to United hospital to be monitored. At the hospital they monitored me and the baby for a while and eventually my bp started to go back down. Though I was at the hospital already, this was good because of course there are a million things that I need to do! : )

Starting tomorrow I will be going into United to get the "gel" which will hopefully start opening everything up (I know TMI) so that they are able to induce by the end of the week. If all goes as my doctor plans we may even have a baby by Friday.

I would still rather wait for her to come naturally, but the doctor today said that she was sure my doctor wouldn't want to take that risk. I figured that if we were going to have to start this stuff soon anyways, we might as well start tomorrow.

I'll be hanging out at the hospital for a little bit each day but will still be working from home and trying to fight the boredom of bed rest. I hope that she decides it is okay to come soon!

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Ronell said...

Good luck. It's all worth it. Courtney just had her baby yesterday.

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