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Hello From Home

Wednesday, August 5, 2009
So I have been on moderate bedrest now for a full three days (Friday, Monday and Tuesday). It is amazing how much more work I can get done without the extra distractions.

We've basically got everything ready for the baby including the house cleaned and even all of the laundry done. I even got a chance to organize my closet and dresser! All of her newborn sized clothes that we have are washed and ready. I have to iron her take home outfit and pack it into my suitcase, which is also practically ready to go. I swear that all this readiness will only mean that she will take longer to get here!

I had an appointment with the ultrasound tech on Monday that went great. The NST machine was broken, but since the ultrasound went without a hitch the doctor did not make me drive to St. Paul on Tuesday to have the NST there. The baby was moving and squirming the whole time. When the tech tried to get a picture of her face she kept putting her arm and hands up in front of it, so I guess that means she may be shy. : ) By the end of this pregnancy I think that we will have the most ultrasound pictures ever created for one baby. She'll have tons to look at when she gets older!

My appointment with the doctor is tomorrow as well as another ultrasound and NST. Maybe the doctor will say then that she thinks it is time for the baby to come, I would be all for it! The best thing would be if the doctor said she thought the baby would come naturally within the next week, that would make me the happiest of all!

I will keep everyone updated on our status!

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