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Breakfast in Bed

Saturday, August 15, 2009
Who would have thought that all I had to do was get admitted into the hospital for a couple of days to finally get breakfast in bed?

There is one good thing to do with shutting off the pitosin last night, I was able to eat dinner and breakfast this morning.

We started back up with the pitosin this morning around 7:30. Hopefully that starts doing its job soon so we can get this show on the road! Later today, hopefully not too much later, they will manually break my water. After that happens there is a window of twenty-four hours in which they must deliver the baby (because of infection).

Some of you may be thinking that this sounds familiar, yes this was the same plan as yesterday. The only difference is that my body is a lot more receptive to the plan today than it was yesterday. I have so much confidence in my nurse, that when she tells me today is the day I believe her!

My parents and sister came by the hospital last night to visit us for a while. It is nice to get some new entertainment! After the baby is born we will let people know as soon as we can. People are definitely welcome to come and visit us at the hospital or at home once we get there (if I even remember where that is at this point). I am sure there are some family/friends out there just as excited to meet this little girl as we are. Send me/John and email or text/call and we will let you know where our new family ends up!

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Ronell said...

BABY!!!! Congrats! Get some pictures posted!

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