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First Day On Our Own

Monday, August 31, 2009
Today was John's first day back to work, so of course it was Kate's first day at home alone with her mommy. I could tell that he missed her when he came upstairs first thing after coming home and took her downstairs with him to cuddle. : )

We didn't get much done, which is actually a nice thing every once in a while (especially since this is the first day I haven't had a fever in a few). We did make it out of the house though to go grocery shopping/errand running, which didn't prove to be too hard. I definitely realized that when traveling with a baby in a car seat at the grocery store it is a good thing to have a limited grocery list. By the time I had gathered all of the things that I wanted to get, there was no more room around her car seat in the cart to squeeze much more. This may help me in dieting, since the baked goods and chips are always at the end of the store, if I don't have room in my cart then for sure I can't buy them! : )

When we got home it was time for her to eat again, which was quite noticeable by her letting me know through crying (basically the only time she does cry, except when made naked). She ate 4 ounces, which is a crazy amount but good because it means she should go longer between feedings. After that she actually started screeching when I put her in her swing so that I could pump. I had just changed her so I knew she wasn't wet, or constipated, I tried to give her a little more food but that didn't work, I also tried burping her some more to no affect. Finally I figured out she just wanted to be held, because when I just sat down with her in a good cuddle she fell right asleep. It's pretty obvious now that this little girl is getting pretty spoiled! : )

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