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Kate Has an Gunky Eye

Thursday, August 27, 2009
Earlier this week our little girl started getting some puss or gunky yellow stuff in her eye. Throughout the day it just started getting worse, so we brought her into the doctor again. They were able to do a test on the puss and it isn't an infection, but is just eye gunk.

We have medicine that is a gel that we put into her eye two times a day, and she doesn't even mind. She also doesn't mind at all when we put a wet warm rag on her eye, or wipe out all of the gunk.

What a good little girl!

2 comments to Kate Has an Gunky Eye:

Ronell said...

That's good to get it all settled. Cooper had that too and he had a little antibiotic and we also used a warm rag. How is it being home with her?

Kristen said...

How's the eye gunk? Mom says she is growing...new pictures added to that website since the bath? You should!

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