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Monday, June 15, 2009
No its not only the name of a super funny movie that will make you second guess any dining trip to Bennigans, it is also how I spent my entire morning!

I had scheduled my three-hour glucose testing for this morning at 8:15, which meant no breakfast for me since I had to fast for at least 8 hours before the test. When I got to the doctor, they were having issues with the power and circuit breaker that was attached to the lab. Instead of rescheduling I decided to wait it out. Only about 45 minutes later I was able to start my testing.

First they took my blood. I then had to drink another 100 grams of the oh so yummy sugar beverage (this time it tasted like syrupy coke with just a tiny bit of carbonation). Then I waited an hour. Then they took my blood. Then I waiting an hour. Then they took my blood. Then I waited an hour. Then they finally took my blood for the last time and I was able to leave.

It wasn't so bad, since I had Bride Wars to watch on my Ipod, but I do feel that I look like I spent the morning shooting up from the needle marks I am sporting on both arms! : ) Thank goodness my blood runs freely or I may have had to be stuck even more!

I will hopefully find out that I am not diabetic in a couple of days, until then you guessed it...more waiting!

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