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Sweet Nora

Thursday, June 18, 2009
This morning was just one of those mornings for our male beagle Puller. His sister and litter-mate Nora had the toy dolphin that he most desperately wanted. No matter how sad and sweet he made his face look, how many times he barked and howled at her, how much he paced around in front of her, she would not share her toy with him.

Taking pity on him I sat down on the carpet to cuddle and give him some good petting for a while to try and distract him (it wouldn’t have been fair to Nora to take the toy away). After about five minutes, Nora came over with the toy dolphin and gave it to Puller. Puller then got up and walked over to another part of the living room to chew on the toy and Nora climbed right into my lap for some cuddle time of her own.

That has got to be the only time our overly possessive female beagle has ever traded any toy/treat/bone for cuddle time, how sweet.

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