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Practice Baby

Thursday, June 25, 2009
As most of you now know two of my good friends, Heidi and Chris have each recently had babies of their own (and girls to boot). While I am really excited for the both of them and their growing families, this also makes me excited for myself.

This might be a tad selfish, but whenever I am around these two new ladies (Reese and Peyton) it is like I am practicing for our baby.

Just last night I was over at Chris's for our Wednesday walk. We didn't actually walk because of the weather, so instead I kept my eye on Peyton for a while so Chris could get some stuff done around the house, including feeding herself. : ) I noticed that I am getting a lot more comfortable holding babies, and moving them around. I still am a bit nervous, but getting a lot better!

I am hanging out with Heidi and Reese on Sunday and hoping that I get some good snuggle time with my new little friend. Until our baby comes I will take as much friend baby attention as possible!

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