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Wednesday, June 3, 2009
Well this morning I quickly realized that I have gotten to the point in this pregnancy where people that I do not know are beginning to notice that I am pregnant. This is 100 times better than people just thinking that I ate too many pieces of cake, which could also be the truth! : )

I was grabbing breakfast at D'Brian's and the woman behind the register asked if I was pregnant. I was surprised at how excited and happy I was to tell her yes. Strangers noticing this fact makes the day that she will come seem so much closer than before. Though I am nervous and worrying about every last detail, like normal, I am also getting more and more excited as the days go by.

Being able to meet and snuggle with my two friends newborn baby girls over the last couple of weeks definitely makes that waiting seem even longer! When holding Reese and Peyton I could definitely imagine myself snuggled up in the rocking chair or on the couch with baby Kate just sitting there for hours! Of course that will be interrupted by baby bathroom issues, feedings, beagle craziness, and the rest that life throws our way. It will all be worth it though and I can't wait.

Last week John told me that when she comes it will be "fun", and I am really starting to agree!

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