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Minneapolis is the 2nd Ranked Place to Have a Baby!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

According to Fit Pregnancy, Minneapolis is ranked number two in a list of the best cities to have a baby. I know we live in Hugo, but I think that this probably covers the entire metro area. Here are some reasons why this is such a great place to have a family:

  • According to data from the CDC, maternal mortality in MN is especially low.
  • MN allows greater dependent-related tax breaks than most.
  • The CDC reports very low infant mortality rates for MN.
  • Babies born in MN are 14% less likely than average to be born prematurely.
  • 21% of babies in MN are born via C-section, which is below the average of 27% for the country.
  • 16.1% of Minneapolis mothers breastfeed their babies exclusively which is higher than the national average of 12%.
  • There are more advanced fertility clinics per capita than average.
  • Minneapolis has one doula for every 37 live births.
  • Minneapolis has 42 midwives for every 1,000 births.
  • There are 24% more fertility doctors per capita here than average.
  • Minneapolis has more OB-GYNs than average.
  • Minneapolis has 39 licensed home day cares for every 1,000 children under 4 years.

There are some things that Fit Pregnancy says Minneapolis could use some work on:

  • Hospital costs here are among the highest in the nation.
  • Weather not conducive to getting out and working off the pregnancy weight gain (haven't they ever heard of a gym, or even the skyways?).
  • State laws do not require health insurance companies to provide or offer any fertility-related services.
  • Minnesota requires less visits by officials to home daycare centers than average.

That's pretty darn good if you ask me. I guess there are some good things to do with living in Minnesota! : )

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