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Sometimes You Just Gotta Dig

Wednesday, June 17, 2009
Our baby has decided that one of her favorite pastimes is to "dig" away at my insides.

It actually feels like she is shoveling sand with her hands, or trying to. Usually it kinda tickles and just feels plain weird. Last night she was digging down and to the left which made it really uncomfortable to sit, lay down, stand, walk, etc. I kept saying "what in the heck does she think she is doing?" and John probably though I was going crazy! : )

She is definitely getting bigger and the proof of it is that she is running out of room, I believe which is causing the digging? Maybe? Maybe not? I can also feel her all the time, when she is awake. It's really cool, but I just hope she realizes there is some more room at the top of my belly and decides to stop digging lower.

Also last night John tried to see if he could hear the baby's heartbeat on the outside of my belly. According to the baby books this should be possible at this point. Instead he heard my stomach digesting the piece of chocolate cake that I had just eaten. Oh well, maybe next time!

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