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Saturday, January 2, 2010
My husband, John, has been teasing my dad that for our Christmas meal what he really wanted was Lutefisk. Well he didn't get it on Christmas...but the other night, he did!

Here are the heating/eating instructions the store sent home with my dad.

Lutefisk before cooking.

My Dad, excited to try the Lutefisk.

Into the microwave, yes the directions did say to cook it in the microwave (interesting and appalling, I know)!
Kate was not a fan of the Lutefisk/microwave smell.
Ta da! Done!

The Lutefisk did actually make its way to the dinner table.
We also had lefsa.
John getting the Lutefisk ready to try for the first time (also known as dousing the fish in butter, salt, and pepper).
John was brave enough to try the first bite.
All in all it wasn't awful. Besides the interesting texture, it basically tasted like butter, salt, and pepper. With the smell it created while cooking I was sure it would taste really fishy, but I didn't actually get any fish flavor from it at all.
No one really wanted to eat a huge portion of it, so tell me, what do you do with food you don't want to eat in a house that has a dog?
That's right, it went from being our dinner to being Darby's. Lucky for her my dad also mixed in some normal dog food.
First she basically just smelled around in it and looked up at us a couple of times, probably weary to what we had given her to eat.
She finally started eating, but really only picking through the fish to get to the dog food. In the end all that was left in the bowl was fish. There was less than what was put in, but I am guessing that she wasn't able to get it all off of her food and had to sacrifice eating some in the process.
Thanks dad, for a memorable meal and another thing that we can cross off of our list!
I don't think that John will ever request it again!

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