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Cable Guy

Thursday, January 14, 2010
(being said in the totally creepy way Jim Carey said it in that same title movie.)

Does anyone have any good, funny, frustrating, or even creepy stories relating to service people that have come to their homes to perform work? Well now we do!

A couple of weeks ago John and I decided to switch from our two separate Internet and satellite providers and bundle together with one.

Last night was our scheduled install time, from 4-6pm.

The service installer guy arrived at about 4:30. It was just Kate and myself home, so the house was pretty quite and it was getting close to her dinner time.

I quickly showed him where he should hook the new box up as well as where we wanted the Internet to come in. Then he got to work.

Not ten minutes after he had been there he asked to use our bathroom.

Now I understand that working in a position that puts you in people's homes, that there may come a time where you will have to use their facilities.

My husband's job puts him in people's homes quite a bit, but he does not even remember a time where he even thought to ask the customer if he could use their bathroom...


I had him use the bathroom downstairs as it is void of any personal items, and fifteen minutes and one two minute phone call (that I could hear) later he was back to work.

That's right, he spent fifteen minutes in our bathroom. Let me rephrase that...he spent fifteen minutes in a stranger's personal bathroom while working. What amount of time would he have taken if he used the upstairs bathroom where I wasn't around? I am pretty sure I know what kind of bathroom was happening in there, but will not state it for the record, though I don't know how he could ever have the nerve to do that!?!

I sat there, feeding Kate, hoping that this was one of those days she would be a noisy eater. Fat chance! Go figure that the house was dead silent and I could hear everything. Lovely.

I will have to admit that the remainder of the time he was there (until around 7pm, I know...forever) I was a bit uncomfortable around him.

The best part of the whole event was watching John's face when I told him. It was right after he went upstairs to introduce himself and while making small talk asked about any crazy happenings on the job (people who have to go into other people's homes love to share their war stories).

I'm pretty sure even John hadn't heard this one before!

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