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Tattle Tale

Wednesday, January 6, 2010
John was informed yesterday morning by Joyce, Kate's daycare provider, that Kate has turned into a bit of a tattle tale! (Let me assure you that she thinks this is funny, and is in no way telling us something that we need to change about our four month old daughter!)

Every morning while the older kids eat breakfast, Kate sits at the table in her bumbo chair and watches them.

She really loves to watch kids, of any size/age/type. So I am sure this is probably one of her favorite times of the day.

Joyce happens to have a golden doodle dog named Kirby, who I am sure just loves it when the older kids "drop" (yeah right) food on the ground so that he can eat it.

Kate now though has decided to start making a squawk when anyone drops food on the floor. Is it because she wants it? Is it because she knows in our house that Nora and Puller (the beagles) love to "clean" the floor?

Joyce thinks she is letting her know that something is dropped, but I am pretty sure it is Kirby that she is giving the heads up to!

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