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Kate and Peyton Playtime

Thursday, January 21, 2010
You know you are a parent of an infant, when another infant spits up and you go to catch it in your hand...

Last night Kate and I headed on over to hang out with Chris and Peyton. Peyton is three months older than Kate, which means she is quite a bit more mobile...and has to just take what Peyton gives her.

Peyton kept tugging at her clothes, and I think trying to pet her head. : ) Then she started going for Kate's Nuk...which is something that one of Kate's other friends does as well (Reese).

I'm pretty sure though that Kate had a blast. She has started chewing on her tongue as of yesterday, could this be something that Peyton taught her to do?

Peyton is the biggest ham in the world, and with her super cute cheeks I don't know how you can't just fall in love with her! : ) It doesn't help that she makes cute Monkey sounds when she "talks" to you or gets excited. Oh and when I was holding her later in the night she laid her head down on my chest and cuddled in. My heart definitely melted. Kate didn't seem to mind.

Here are a couple pictures of our night, I would have had more but my learning curve on the new camera is pretty big.

Peyton, about ready to crawl.

Peyton close up!

"Hey, Kate is using my toy, not fair!"

Kate playing in Peyton's excersaucer.

Peyton has Kate's toy (in her mouth) but that isn't why she is upset...she's hungry.

This one looks like Peyton giving Kate her toy back...

Nope! But she'll show Kate how this other toy works!

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