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Doesn't Fit

Wednesday, January 20, 2010
Last night when I was picking Kate up from daycare I noticed that she had a different outfit on than when I picked her up.

Uh oh.

That means a mess of some sort happened during the day, the other big clue of this was the plastic sack tied to the side of her carrier with her clothes in it.

Anyways, I had been thinking off and on that I had to remember to send some more clothes to daycare with Kate since I was sure she had grown out of the extra clothes we had previously provided. Low and behold, the outfit she had on fit just fine.

At first I was really confused, because I knew the outfits we had given Joyce were size three months. If Kate doesn't fit into any of the other three month sized outfits that she owns how in the world does she fit into this one, and it was kind of loose?!

Do you want to know how?

It wasn't hers! Ha ha. It was an old one left over from one of the older girls Lila.

I washed it up last night and sent it right back with her, oh well. In the end I guess it all works out.

But guess what, even though I sent back the outfit that fit her that was Lila's, I again forgot to pack in some of her own that fit her as well!

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