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Friday, January 22, 2010
Our little Punkin' is sick. Not fun.

She woke up last night a couple of times, which is very out of character. Her crying was different, almost like she added a squeal to the end of it.

In the end I ended up downstairs on the couch watching I am Legend at 2am, with her cuddled up in multiple blankets until she fell asleep (ie. 3:30).

When I woke her up before leaving for work to feed her she was running a slight temp and then proceeded to fill three diapers in a half hour, ick!

Anyways, I was able to work from home and take care of her...which basically meant letting her sleep all day.

I never knew how easy it would be to care for a sick kid. Granted, the waking up part wasn't fun, but since she doesn't ever really do that I guess we could suffer through one night.

The really funny/sad part is though that even through all of the extra diapers, temp, and snot (who knew a person so little could produce so much) she still is smiling, most of the time.

That is what makes dealing with all of it easy.

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Ronell said...

Maybe she was sick from your choice of movie to show your 6 month old.. I am legend? Yikes. Kidding! Sick kids are sad...

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