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Stop Being so Snotty!

Friday, January 8, 2010
I'm not sure if this is a normal kid thing, or if we just lucked out (lucked being said in a very ironic-type tone).

Ever since the first bit of windchill decided to bless us all in this freezing cold state, Kate's nose has been plugged. Well not 100 percent of the time, but off and on. I would say it is on and off like a faucet, but usually it doesn't drip, but instead gets all full and stuck in her cute tiny button of a nose.

Because of this she was introduced to her #1 nemesis, the nose saline solution. This nemesis of course does not travel alone, but always brings her #2 nemesis, the nose sucker. Ahhhhh (a scared scream)!

I got the tip to use the nose saline from my friend Chris, I will thank her but I am not sure that Kate will. At that time Chris also told me that it really works to slightly prop up the crib mattress at one end to decrease the stuffiness accumulated while sleeping. I never tried this, don't ask me why, until Monday night.

It works! I don't know why I would ever think it wouldn't as all other tips and tricks she has given me have proven to be quite effective as well!

The other day due to Kate's very loud and tearful protest to me squeezing the saline solution up her nose, I decided to not squeegee and see where that left us.

It left us with an adorable girl, looking not as adorable with tons of dried bugs all over her face/hands/etc.

Of course I had to clean her up, but it was bath day so in the end it worked perfectly.

As I carried her into the bathroom and set her in the tub, in true embarrassing parent fashion, I switched around the lyrics to Lady Gaga's song "Poker Face" (which I don't really know anyways) to be:

Kate has a, Kate has a
Kate has a buger face
Kate has a, Kate has a
Kate has a buger face

B-b-b-buger face, b-b-buger face
B-b-b-buger face, b-b-buger face

Kinda catchy isn't it? : )

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