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Baby's Name

Friday, May 1, 2009
As you all can see the poll is now closed. Based on the results, and our opinions as future parents of course, the baby's name will be...

Katherine Adele Taylor

Baby Kate

But, as the parents we do reserve the right to change our minds on the name. For example, if the baby came out looking like a Brunehilda, then of course we wouldn't be able to call her Kate. Or if she came out as a he, then Kate would also probably not be too appropriate! : )

Thanks everyone for voting!

4 comments to Baby's Name:

Kristen said...

Good thing I'm saving my receipts...I didn't know you were expecting Kate to be like Belle :)

Kristen said...

HEY LADY...When you look at your calender you will see that I work this weekend and then every other weekend until the baby comes...which means you should look at the weekends I have off for shower dates so I can begin planning. Thanks :)

Emily said...

You can go ahead and just pick one, I can't beleive it is less than four months away! Are they done usually a month or two before? I'm not sure? Julie reminded me of that on Saturday and kinda freaked me out a little bit!

Kristen said...

I suppose, but I want you to be comfortable when you are there. Not tired and fussy like the baby in your belly! I will look at my calender and pick one then and get back to you! Probably in July, but I might as well start planning now since I am kind of a procrastinator

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