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Baby Kicks

Wednesday, May 20, 2009
This morning John was reading a booklet sent to us from our insurance company. He was shocked to learn that you should feel ten or more kicks within two hours, during the baby's active times.

Our baby, during her active times (which are starting to become more scheduled) can usually kick or move 10 times in about 10 minutes or less. When she is active, she is really active!

I guess John must have thought I only felt her once or twice during the day.

This is definitely the reason that pregnant women lose their train of thought or forget things, it is pretty distracting to have a baby kicking you and moving around inside your belly. It amazes me so much every time that I feel it that I don't think I will ever get used to it or be able to ignore it. Thank goodness I can sleep through it!

3 comments to Baby Kicks:

Ronell said...

Just wait... it takes a long time after you have that baby till your mind comes back!

Ronell said...

When are your baby showers?

Kristen said...

not sure Ronell! I haven't gotten that far yet...sorry

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