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House Guest

Friday, May 29, 2009
We are lucky enough to have a house guest staying with us this weekend. I believe that she will even be there before we get home tonight. She has medium brown hair, is always happy, and pees on the carpet when she first sees John (because she is so excited). Yep, that's right, Darby's coming for the weekend.

Our first task of the evening is to take all three dogs to the dog park and tire them out! I have to remember to bring bug spray today since the gnats were so thick last night!

Darby has stayed with us a few times since she was just a puppy, it is really funny to see how she reacts with our dogs. When we go to the park she either follows Nora around out in the woods, or tails any other golden retriever that is there.

The only thing that makes me nervous with her is that it is wood tick season. Our dogs are relatively easy to search for ticks, especially with their short hair. Darby's hair is a lot longer and she is pretty squirmy, hopefully the Advantix does its job!

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